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If you don't mind, it would be wonderful if you could just tell everyone how grateful I am for such a wonderful, dedicated, tight knit community of people that truly love the show. It has been the dynamic and kind fans that have truly made Kyle XY a rewarding experience for me, and for that I will always be thankful.

I have been attending university for these past few months, majoring in English Literature. I am actually quite grateful for the opportunity to have a normal first year. Last semester I took an amazing course focusing on poetry and prose from the 16th century up to the late 18th century, as well as a class in Religious Studies. I also made my way through a (primarily) metaphysical philosophy class and a moral philosophy minefield. Although I managed to receive good grades in all of my courses, I found literature and religious theory interested me most. I have been forced to take two science courses this semester as a freshman requirement so cross your fingers for me. I am laughably incapable of any mathematical task, although I do enjoy biology and fields that explore concepts that are directly applicable to everyday experience. Lets hope I don’t get any logarithms thrown my




Agent 271: Is there a season 4 coming out?
In the show of Kyle XY would you swear at Jessi if Jessi went with Kyle and if they kissed what would you do

Agent 271: We never know the timing of seasons (or even if we are doing them) until a matter of weeks before filming. Everything beforehand is mostly speculation. If Kyle and Jessi were to kiss and/or start dating, it would absolutely be the last straw for Amanda. I think it would force her to stop trusting people so much and start getting used to actually protecting herself. She has expressed a desire to start becoming more independent, so this season is a development of those goals.

SandyP: What do you think of the direction that the writers have taken for Amanda?
If you could change one thing about Amanda, what would it be and why?

SandyP: I am thrilled that Amanda is finally starting to mature and grow up a little. Her trust and innocence is what makes her so lovable, but without losing those attributes entirely, the writers have decided that it is time for her to stand up and fight. Between you and I, this season, I got to revisit my feistier past that I've had with more rough and tumble roles.

HydnSeek: Do you have any movies/projects coming up in the near future?

HydnSeek: I've been saying lately that my biggest project right now is school. School, school, and more school. From Chaucer to the gravitational aspects of the moon, I have been keeping quite busy.  want to get some university out of the way so I can create a back-up plan just in case. I can't wait to come back to Kyle, and work on some other projects, but I've been keeping my slate clean the past few months so I can really come back full force.

NYCSciFiFan: What was your favorite scene in Kyle XY?
. What was your favorite "Amanda" scene?
. How much say do you have in what Amanda says and does?
. What are you studying in College?
. We know you can act; can you dance and/or sing as well?

NYCSciFiFan: My favorite scene? That is the toughest question I've gotten in a while. My personal favorite (that I have been in) was the very first scene I shot of the pilot, when Kyle came into Amanda's living room and cried while she was playing the piano. I remember being absolutely blown away by Matt's performance and having this eerie feeling of just watching someone bare their soul. Matt completely opened himself up and gave such an honest reaction. My favorite scene actually watching the show was when Kyle went to the house party and completely embarrassed the cop by the pool, with all the kids cheering him on.

The writers did an amazing job of showing how Kyle is so exceptional and funny without even trying. I respect that the writers are always in the Captain's chair in regards to the story, and never ask for very much. However, there have been one or two times when I felt that the story wasn't true to Amanda's character and it was cleared up right away. Everyone works so hard to make the show as best as it can be, and I am so lucky to work on a set where character development is so respected.

I'm majoring in English Literature, and possibly minoring in
Religious Studies.

As for dancing and singing, the only time I would ever go "there" would be for a role. Don't worry, I will not become another Disney Channel teenage pop sensation!

Badfish: 1. Will she be in more behind the scenes this year? She seems to always hide from rachael on set.

2. What does she plan on doing as a career?

3. Does she think Kyle and Amanda are meant to be? Or has she switched to Kyle and Jessi?

4. Does she think Kyle should tell Amanda everything?

Badfish (great name by the way): The reason for my absence from most "Behind the Scenes" stuff was my focus on school. As I'm sure you all know, Jean Luc's priorities never lay in the school trailer, (had to add that... we always teased each other for being the slacker and the nerd) but I was working away on my AP courses to get into university.

As for what career path I will go down, I'm hoping the film industry pans out, but if not, I suppose I'll take a more academic path and find a niche that caters to my interests. I'm still so young it's hard to say.

Kyle has, does, and will always love Amanda. The problem is that he is also very attached to Jessi, and a deep desire to help her find the right path. I suppose only time will tell.

The obstacle that really stands in Kyle's way is his deep love for Amanda and desire to keep her safe. He feels that his secrets will endanger her. Amanda truly feels that she could accept anything he told her, but Kyle can't reach out.

Yuthegreat: What does she think of Kylanda forever or just a phase?
What will be in store for Amanda in the future?

Yuthegreat: If Kylanda works out, it will be very different from the original. Amanda needs to trust Kyle completely, and more importantly, Kyle needs to trust her. It needs to be a more committed, open, and mature relationship if it will make it in the long run. And as for Amanda's future, I'm going to be extremely frustrating and tell you that you'll just have to wait and see!

Salsybabe: Who are you the closest to off-set?
What do you think of the direction of season 3?
What would be your dream storyline for Amanda?
Does Amanda play a big role in season 3?
What do you think about the Amanda/Kyle/Jessi love triangle?
Do you wish that Amanda had any of Kyle's abilities?

Salsybabe: Off-set, I would say Jean Luc. We are the same age, met each other's friends and romances, and have spent hours crammed into a school trailer with nothing to do but distract each other and procrastinate by making snack runs and suggesting new classes like PE (walking around set).

So I guess we have the most in common. We also both live in the city where Kyle is shot so we can keep in better touch.

I thought season 3 was a great experience, and each time I got a new script I would rip it open and be so excited to read a new twist. All I can tell you is prepare to be shocked! Here's my dream storyline for Amanda, just because I've been the good girl next door for SO long. She gets kidnapped, and disappears while everyone searches frantically. Okay, I know that already happened, but here's where it gets interesting. Suddenly, Amanda returns with very few answers and a whole new attitude. She dresses in clothes that horrify her mother, doesn't help people when they drop their books, skips class for mysterious reasons, and begins to detach herself from everyone around her with a chilling sense of humour. Suddenly she's stronger, more aggressive, and has little interest in the piano. The Tragers and her mother become frantic and Kyle starts investigating. Turns out that Amanda may have been reprogrammed, and she's not her harmless self anymore. [Insert dramatic music here]

You'll have to wait for season three... all I can tell you is that there are some interesting developments. I think the AKJ love triangle is quite's really hurting everyone. And yes, I really wish I could take over the role of the feisty villain with powers. *Sigh* I can dream.

Asprin: Do you have plans to attend any promotional events that take place round the year (Comic-Con, Fed-Con, Paleyfest etc)?

Asprin: If I get the chance, I will be absolutely thrilled to go to an event! I may even get to meet some of you!
Take care everyone!



yuthegreat: If Amanda knew she was kidnapped would she be more assertive/aggresive like study Tae Kwon Do or something like that? and how she would feel about it
If You had super powers what would it be and why?

yuthegreat: I absolutely would love to see her character go that direction… when any individual, especially a young woman like Amanda, is so violated, they need to reclaim control. I think picking up martial arts or working on any kind of self-defence is an extremely natural reaction to reassert power. I definitely feel like Amanda is reaching a point where she is desperate to become independent, and being kidnapped would harden her and force her to become more assertive.
If I had a superpower, it would definitely be teleportation. Being able to travel the world in a matter of seconds would be so amazing. I would never be late again! Plus, if I had a break between scenes, I could relax on the beach instead of on the studio lot. Either that or the ability to rewind, slow down, or freeze time.

badfish: 1. How was it to go through a whole episode unconcious and being carried around like a doll?
2. About how many takes do you guys do for each scene?
3. Are you going to be on the show even while Kyle and Amanda aren't together? I will be so mad if they get rid of Amanda.



First of all, being carried around like a doll is A LOT harder than it looks. I kept slipping down while Matt was running, or feeling overwhelming urges to laugh during intense scenes.



Matt and Jamie would be debating a life or death situation and I was passed out on a crate looking like a total idiot in a giant poofy dress… it just seemed so absurd!


 Secondly, the amount of takes depends on time constraints, the director, and the length of the scene. I try not to count because it's a little depressing to hear "take number twenty-eight." All I can say is we do multiple takes for every angle of every shot, which adds up to some significant numbers at the end of the day. That said, it's nothing compared to film, since television is far more fast paced.
I sincerely hope that if Amanda doesn't get her feelings hurt too badly. However, if Jesse and Kyle end up together and Amanda by the wayside, I feel like she will still be able to be a part of the show. That bitterness and anger could bring a darker side to Kyle XY, and maybe even turn Amanda against Kyle.

Salsybabe: What is your favorite storyline this season?
How does it feel watching yourself on TV? Do you see yourself as the character?
Will Amanda get a new love interest this season?
What is your favorite relationship on the show (romantic and non-romantic)?
If there is a season 4 of Kyle XY, what would you like to see happen with Amanda?
What would you describe as a typical day in the life of Kirsten Prout?

Salsybabe: This season is full of twists and turns, and my favourite twist happens too far in advance for me to tell you… I really wish I could but that would ruin all the fun!
I don't know how to describe seeing myself of television… it's like being zapped back to that moment in time, and feeling exactly what I was feeling when I was there. When my character cries, I start bawling, when my character smiles, I smile. It's like an unconscious connection to an extension of yourself.
Yes, Amanda gets involved with a new somebody for this season… with some interesting consequences!
My favourite relationship on the show? Apart from Kyle and Amanda? I find it really interesting how Jamie plays Jesse so convincingly, and can show such vulnerability to Kyle. She does a fantastic job with an extremely difficult task.
If there is a season four, I want Amanda to get in touch with her darker side. She needs to channel her frustration, and learn to take some risks in life.
Kirsten Prout's typical day (University edition): I drag myself out of bed, shower, beautify, and have a little breakfast. I'm usually late for class, so I guess that counts as a morning jog. After grabbing lunch, I can usually finish my work quickly, since being a child actor involves a lot of organization when it comes to homework. I then go to bootcamp at the gym with my roommate (we literally are punished for being alive by my hyper instructor) and maybe hit the late movie or the campus pub during the week.
Kirsten Prout's typical day (Kyle XY edition): get up at an unnatural time, usually while it's still dark, shower, hop in my car, and drive to the lot. I get my hair and make-up done while I have breakfast and change into my wardrobe. I then run my lines in my trailer, get called for blocking. I then return to hair and make-up for touch-ups, then start filming. We break for lunch, and I sprint to beat the camera guys in the lunch line (they ALWAYS are there first). I go back to work until I am exhausted, drive home, eat a small dinner, run my lines, and collapse into a little heap, thinking about how much I got accomplished.

singingxoxo: 1. How was is being carried around for basically a whole episode in "It Happened One Night?" (It was really you right?)
2. Do you get together with Matt and April and Jaimie off set as well as Jean-Luc or is it awkward because of the age difference?

singingxoxo: Yes, that was me, and I think Matt hated me by the end of that episode. He had to do so many takes while he sprinted and I got to just hang limp. It was hard because I kept slipping down in that slippery, poofy dress!
The age-difference rarely, if ever, comes up on set. It's absolutely no problem, and getting together with the older members of the cast is completely natural.

red.rose: I have a couple of questions if you don't mind.
1. People make a big deal over the love triangle, do you get along with Jamie in real life?
2. Are you happy with the writer's development of your character?
3. If you could work with anyone, who would it be?
4.How are you and Amanda different? How are you the same?
5. Where would you like Amanda to be year from now?
Thanks for taking the time to connect with the Kyle xy fans.

red.rose: (You're so sweet! Of course I don't mind!) Jamie and I do get along in real life, despite the catfight chemistry. She's a very nice person, as you all probably know from her interviews etc…
I'm very thankful that the writers have stayed true to Amanda, but I would like to see her explore a different, darker, sexier direction. Those are the roles that push you in new directions.
I would literally do ANYTHING to work with the unbelievably talented Johnny Depp. He changes his voice, his mannerisms, and his entire style depending on the character he plays. He is absolutely the most captivating actor, and has managed to stay true to what he wants out of life.
Amanda and I are both very trusting, however, I feel as if I have more life experience than her. She is very frustrated and looking for some way to express her individuality, and I would love to see her be able to do that. I also have not had the same luck as her in the dating department… very tragic break-ups are a given but Amanda has really had the worst!
A year from now, I think Amanda should be either on the dark side, or she should find her own individuality and independence. Either way, I hope she grows stronger.

SandyP: If you could be any character live or dead (fiction or non) whom would you be and why?

SandyP: I'd love to see the world through the eyes of William Shakespeare for the day


 To everyone on,

It brings tears to my eyes to have such dedicated, wonderful people watching our show. Your support, love, and enthusiasm will never be forgotten. I hope you will all follow the Kyle XY cast members as we explore new avenues. Thank you for a fabulous experience that has shaped me as an actress and a person. You are all amazing people, and I will miss the show greatly.

Amanda and Kyle will always love one another, and will forever be connected. To everyone who believed in them, I ask that you keep believing.


Beth: 1. What are some major differences between you and Amanda? Like, what's something that Amanda would do that you never would?
2. I'm aware actors and actresses often have to wear the same outfit for multiple days worth of shooting. If you had to pick a favorite wardrobe piece from each of the 3 seasons, which would they be?

3. What are your university's team colors?

Beth: I think it would be the other way around... I do a lot that Amanda wouldn't even dream of doing. Sometimes I like to go out and have a night out, have a good time and not worry about every little thing. Amanda is still stuck in her anxious phase, and when she rebels, she seems uneasy and like she's trying to prove something. I guess I can take risks more easily, I have a more grown up lifestyle.

As for the outfit... I really liked the little tank top with the mini skirt overalls and heels... That's probably the closest I have come to dressing like I do in real life.


That was in the scene where Kyle rescued me from the bar, and I'm pretty sure the episode was "Grounded."



My school's colours are red and white.

Hudi: is thr any chance v mite see a darker side of amanda this season, as in something like what Lori was when she wanted to take her revenge from jessi for stealin her necklace

Hudi: without spoiling anything, Amanda gets to strike back at someone threatening her.

Badfish: What would you think about Amanda taking up some martial arts (Abby Miller anyone?) so she can at least defend herself long enough for Kyle to come with the superhuman stuff.[/color]

Badfish: I think martial arts is a great thing for anyone to learn... And if Amanda gets into any sticky situations I'm sure it would come in handy!

Tibby Xy: Here's my question for Kirsten,, What's it like playing the part of Amanda as Kyle's girlfriend? They make such a cute couple as for the characters. Will Amanda stay with kyle or will Jessie try to break them up?

Tibby Xy: I'm glad you love Kyle and Amanda, but you will have to just wait and see! Don't try me for spoilers! And it's neat coming to work every day and playing the girlfriend of Kyle... especially when Matt is the object of so many women's attention. I feel very lucky!

NYCSciFiFan: How do you "hone your craft" to continue growing as an actress?
Is acting your career ambition?
Do you dance and sing, too?
Have you ever done live theater?
Would you want to do live theater in the future?

NYCSciFiFan: I sincerely believe that becoming a better actress just comes with experience. Playing different roles and challenging oneself is the most practical way of "honing" one's craft.

If I could do this as a living, it would be an absolute dream. As for singing and dancing... The only time I would ever go into those would be for a project.

I have done live theatre, and prefer film. I don't see myself working in theatre. It's just not my passion.

Kylexyfanatic23: 1.Whats your favorite band?I know your a fan of Vampire Weekend (which is now one of my fave bands thanks to you)
2.Are you a Josh and Andy fan?

Kylexyfan23: First off, I am a HUGE Josh and Andy fan. They are so adorable. I love their storyline!

Oh my goodness... Music is an extremely broad topic for me. I really can't name a favorite band! I like music with meaning... I can range from classical to a new song on the radio. Whatever resonates with me. There's a song that I have been obsessed with... "Girl in the War" by Josh Ritter. I really can't pick one artist!


Europa: Do her friends and relatives watch the show and what do they think of Amanda's character ? The break-up scene between Kyle & Amanda deeply moved everyone.
- How did you and Matt emotionally handle the shooting of this scene ?
- Did the sadness of the situation affect the mood on the film set ?

Europa: A lot of my close friends and family have watched the show, and many of them laugh at how different Amanda and I are at times. It’s always weird to see a close friend on TV and watch them act like another person. I do the same thing with my actor friends… it’s a strange feeling. Thank you, the break-up scene was exhausting and I did so many takes my eyes were dry by the end of it all!

 I think Matt and I definitely do become sucked into the whole situation, and it is exhausting… but it’s always worth it!

Hillary and Amanda were hanging out in episode 2. Is that a one-time thing or will we see more of that in season 3?

Now that Kyle/Amanda have broken up, will Amanda still be involved with Kyle in some capacity?

Can you persuade TPTB to get Kylanda back together again ? (Hey, worth a shot. lol.)

What is your favorite episode in season 3?

What do you do prepare for emotionally-charged scenes, such as the beautiful, but sad break-up scene between Kyle/Amanda?

Salsybabe: Hillary and Amanda talk to each other every once and a while… they are so different I think it’s hilarious to watch the two of them try to figure each other out! And yes, Amanda is always involved with Kyle… deep down she’ll always be involved with him. The season finale was one of the most fun episodes for me as an actress, and as for how I prepare for heavy scenes, I just place myself in the shoes of my character and let my feelings out freely. The trick is to hold nothing back, and listen to your instincts.

KJs Dad: Here's a question: How much input and/or control do the actors have with their characters? Do you ever get a script and say "Amanda would never say or do that!" and then discuss it with the writers?

KJs Dad: I have, at times, read completely ridiculous lines or scenes that just use Amanda as a medium to tell the story without being faithful to her character, but the writers have always identified it or listened to me before we shot it. I don’t make complaints often, but when I do, they are truly heartfelt.

Badfish: 1. That break up scene was done amazing, your acting was top notch. Was it hard doing such an emotional scene?
2. It seems that us Kyle and Amanda fans keep getting kicked while we are down, can you give us any hope at all? Even if it means just friends.

Badfish: Emotional scenes have always been my favourite scenes. They come from a very natural place within me and somehow I just connect with the sadness of a character. They have always been such a joy for me to work on and perfect. And all Kyle and Amanda fans need to know, if they don’t already, that the connection between Kyle and Amanda is always there and despite conflict or tension, they deeply love one another.

I Love John Ritter: What has been the most difficult scene to film thus far? (if we haven't seen it yet, then can you tell us what episode?)

What was the ambiance on the set after you finished season 3, since know one knew for sure if it would be the last time they were filming the show?

How did you and Matt prepare for your last kiss? Is there something special that you do to prepare for intense scenes like those?

Love John Ritter: I think the most difficult scene emotionally for me to film was the break-up scene, because we had to do so many takes and keep that intensity for hours. When filming ends, it’s always a bittersweet goodbye. We can lighten the mood by expecting to come back for the season, like we’re just going on holiday, but everyone is careful to really let everyone know how wonderful the season was, just in case. As for preparation for scenes, we don’t really have a process… we just get there, take a deep breath, and give every moment everything we have.

SandyP: What do you and the others talk about when you're on camera but we don't actually hear what you are saying? ex. When you and Matt were in the Rack eating dinner and we could see you talk but couldn't hear you.

SandyP: That is a genius question! Usually we talk about the most unrelated things… pets, family, the weather, how awkward it is to look like we’re engaged in a conversation that has nothing to do with our characters. When we are laughing, it’s usually because of some inappropriate comment, and half the time what we’re saying is completely mismatched with our facial expressions… like I may have a huge smile on my face and be saying “I think my ankles are about to snap off from standing in these heels!”

singingxoxo: 1. About how long does it take to shoot a season?
2. How do you prepare for an emotional scene? Do you practice crying before hand or does it just come naturally when you are doing the acting?
3. Is it awkward when you are acting with the other actors on the show? For example, when you are doing an emotional scene such as the break-up scene (which was phenomenal by the way) or a kissing scene with Matt, are there ever awkward moments? I know if I were doing some of the things you have to do while acting, although it comes out fantastic, I would start laughing.


yuthegreat: Any country you like to visit or tour? I read in one interview Matt Dallas explained his wierdest fan experience. So Could I ask what is your wierdest fan experience?

yuthegreat: I love travelling… anywhere new is a good place for me. Preferably somewhere warm! I’ve had some pretty wacky internet impersonators, as well as one guy who e-mailed me IN ALL CAPS LIKE HE WAS YELLING WITH NO PUNCTUATION and constantly called himself “THE CHAMP,” asking me very very very weird questions. When I run into people at school, it can often get extremely awkward because they just come up to me and ask me if I’m in Kyle XY, and after I say yes, they just run out of things to say. We just blink at each other for a bit and I usually say “aaaanyhow… how did you like the lecture?” Extremely uncomfortable!

singingxoxo: I heard somewhere that Kirsten is cousins with that true?

singingxoxo: I am absolutely not related in any way, shape, or form with Jojo.



jpoeling: could you ask kirsten if she has any other dream scripts for the Amanda character or the show? I really enjoyed writing about the personality altered Amanda in my fan fic and thought possibly Kirsten had other great ideas like that one. If she doesn't that is fine but I am always looking for other ideas.

jpoeling: Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a writer… all I know is that I’d love to see Amanda develop some attitude or darkness. I also thought it would be interesting to have Amanda lured to Latnok after being hurt by Kyle and becoming jealous and bitter. She could become one of the bad guys… while still deep down wanting Kyle back.

Salsybabe: What are 3 of your favorite books?
Would you do commentary for the season 3 DVDs?
What kind of career do you think Amanda would go into? Would she stick with music or do something else?
Do you think that Amanda will now be more curious to know more about Kyle after this week's episode?
What are some of your favorite places to shop?
What would you describe your style as?

Salsybabe: My favourite books? In University we read so much non-fiction, and I read a lot of non-fiction just for interest, so it’s hard to give you some interesting examples. Some classics that always stay with me are 1984, Gulliver’s Travels, and if you have ever read any of Chaucer or Spenser, those two writers are absolutely brilliant. I’m a total literature geek… I also love poetry. And yes, I would love to do commentary!

I always imagined that Amanda would do extremely well with her music, become recognized for it, and enjoy being a mother. She has such a passion for piano, and seems like a very caring person who would adore having kids.

My favourite places to shop are Winners, (I’m a total bargain hunter… sue me!) H&M, Zara, a handful of other places that catch my eye during certain times, and vintage stores. My style is sophisticated, sexy, and a little touch of fifties chic. I like wearing pencil skirts with heels and little black dresses… you barely ever see me wearing flats!

Kylexyfanatic23: Who is your favorite character on the show?

Kylexyfanatic23: It’s hard to pick a character since I work with everyone and know them all so well… I think that everyone adds something different to the show. Josh adds the comedy, Lori brings in some teen angst and sarcasm, Jessi just brings the angst in general as well as some mystery, we all know how magical Matt is as Kyle, Nicole adds sincerity, Stephen is an all-American dad, Hillary is hysterical, and Declan is a tortured soul. Without the full cast, Kyle XY wouldn’t be the same.

RhysXY: Kirsten, Are we going to see some more Jessi, Amanda Interaction, 1 on 1 conversations, like we saw when Jessi told you about the necklaces at the rack?



RhysXY: You will definitely see Jessi and Amanda spending more time together, but I can’t tell you any more than that!

ludmila: 1. Kirsten, what would be your dream role?
2. What is your favorite holiday?
3. What is your favorite TV show, movie?
4. What do you like about school? Are you in any fraternities

ludmila: What’s so wonderful about the film industry is that dream roles change every time you read a new script… it’s hard to pick one because new concepts are being dreamed up every day. However, I would absolutely love to do a dark comedy or period piece, something different. My favourite holiday is definitely summer holiday. It has a definite feeling of freedom.
I love Dexter, Bones, Arrested Development… lots of TV shows are great these days. As for movies, don’t even get me started! My taste is so expansive it’s impossible for me to name just one!
I am not in a sorority, it’s not very big at my school. What I like about University is the flexibility. You get to choose what you’re interested in, how much you want to learn, and how much effort you want to put into the course. I like being motivated by my will alone, without the pressure of high school. I do better in anything when I decide to do it on my own, not when someone forces it down my throat. I always hated that in school when I was younger… that and the uniform enforcement. Thank goodness high school is over!


 BohoDuchess: If you decided not to pursue acting as your primary career, can you see yourself in the future working behind the camera in terms of producing, writing or directing?

BohoDuchess: Maybe producing, to give quality projects a boost when they really need someone to believe in them.

yuthegreat: Do you know why your character never met Adam Baylin? Adam Baylin as Kyle's "father" would have interested to know who his "son" is dating wouldn't he. I know it is question more for the writers so it is okay if you aren't sure.

yuthegreat: Kyle’s secrets were never part of Amanda’s life, and I don’t feel like Kyle would have been able to share that part of his past with Amanda.

NYCSciFiFan: Was she given an Amanda backstory for the role?
What's the back story behind the late father and the locket?
Would she be willing to leave Canada to work on a show in the USA?
What languages does she know other than english?

NYCSciFiFan: I was told my father had passed away, but never informed how. There wasn’t a back story really given to me. As for leaving Canada to work on a show, I would dislike very much being on a TV show outside of Canada, but would have no problem working anywhere for a movie. TV really locks you down for a long period of time. I speak a passable amount of French since I live in Montreal.

Europa: My question to Kirsten : are you still in touch with the other cast members ?

Europa: Of course! We’re all still in touch.

jpoeling: What motivation did the Amanda character have for leaving the conservatory back in Season 2? I only ask because some believe it was due to stress from the competition but I believe it was because the character missed Kyle. Did the writers tell you the motivation for the decision?

jpoeling: She just wasn’t ready to grow up and leave home yet. She hadn’t even graduated, and I think Amanda’s sheltered upbringing really made it hard to go to an elite music school and be separated from home.

badfish: Thank you so much Kirsten for talking to us wallowing fans. I just have one quick question: 1. Were you given any information about where Amanda's story would go in season 4 if there had been one? Thanks again, and good luck with college

badfish: No, I had heard nothing about my character’s future. Thanks!

Coffee Kaioken: Kirsten, what's your opinion about the show being cancelled? Can you tell us any of the reasons why, and, if the show gets cancelled on ABC Family, do you think there's any chance of it coming back someday on another network? After this season's over, where's everyone headed? Will the cast get together for Kyle XY shorts? And do you know if anyone's ever contemplated the possibility of a Kyle XY movie - even if it's not possible now, has it ever been discussed or mentioned?

Coffee Kaioken: I’d like to stay out of the discussion about why the show was cancelled, since I was never given a concrete decision. I suspect it was ratings but that’s just my personal opinion. So far, there have been no other discussions about Kyle XY’s future.

jpoeling: Hey Kirsten thanks for taking the time to answer these.
Back in season 2 "Leap of Faith" where Kyle is in the diner and Amanda is at home in her room (packing for New York) moving her hands across the drawing Amanda's and Kyle's hands start to move in synchronized movements and they look like they are both thinking about the first kiss between them. Were the writers playing with the notion of the two developing a mental connection and if so why wasn't that idea progressed? I know the question is sort of random and not really relevant to where the series is now but the question always bothered me. If you don't have an answer don't worry about it and thanks once again.

jpoeling: I think it was an artistic decision made by the director to indicate the closeness of their bond, and how mutual their feelings were.

dutchgirlxx: ''Could you please tell us how the audition/casting (long, long ago...)did go and did they ask for you to act together with Matt so they could see or individualities were matching?''

dutchgirlxx: the audition process was pretty standard. I did my first read, got a call back, and ended up on set a couple of days later shooting the pilot. We didn’t meet each other until our first day!

KF23: When you and the cast do read table reads do you say your lines exactly how you would when your on camera?

KF23: Yes, we try to stay in character. Sometimes it’s too tempting to not joke around with a line that sounds cheesy or silly, but the writers usually don’t appreciate it!

I Love John Ritter: Kirsten: I really liked that story you gave us about the Kyle and Amanda break up kiss. Do you have any other funny tid bits that you could share with us about any funny moments during filming or a time when you found yourself having to do a scene a million times over because you kept laughing, etc.

I love your hair cut in the second season. Is there a specific name for that particular style?

What types of scenes do you find to be the most difficult to film? For example when you get a script, is there ever a type of scene that see and go, "Man, I have to do that?"

I Love John Ritter: Oh man, now you’re going to make me expose all the embarrassing moments! Well… my prom dress kept flying into Matt’s face while lifting me during the season premiere and I got whacked into a door frame during the same episode. There were times where we had joked around with the meaning of lines before a scene, and it usually resulted in hysterical laughter. It’s amazing how hard you have to try sometimes to take the sexual meaning out of an innocent line… maybe our minds were in the gutter. I shouldn’t even be saying that! Sometimes long days would just turn us into ten year olds

I can’t really think of a name for my hairstyle… it was a random style that the hairdresser tried out and we kept it.

I ALWAYS dreaded seeing scenes that were set in The Rack. I usually had to be on set and in the background doing nothing, sometimes on my days off.

 Just because my character worked there, it was unrealistic not to include Amanda. However, half the time they didn’t even need to use me so it just lengthened my days.


SandyP: Kirsten, Is there a specific storyline or scene in Kyle that you wish you could change or at least re do and why?

What do you see yourself doing say, five years down the line after University?

SandyP: I don’t think I would do anything differently. And I barely know what to expect tomorrow, yet alone in five years! I’m eighteen… I just live one day and opportunity at a time.

jpoeling: Any chance of you doing another television series in the near future? Also what kind of series would you audition for?

jpoeling: As I said before, I would consider television but given my situation at University, more time flexible films would be ideal. I would love to work on something like Mad Men set in a certain time period.

yuthegreat: A few more questions:
1. Any new projects lined up?
2. Would you like to go into a new series in the near future?

yuthegreat: I’ve been so busy at school that I’m just starting to get back into the swing of things! I’ve been auditioning for some projects so hopefully something interesting comes my way! I’d love to go into film now, so it’s not such a solid time commitment to one project, but I’d been open to working in TV as well.

Shortnsweet: Did Kirsten answer my question of if she still has Tobasco?


Shortnsweet: I still have my pup Tabasco! He’s as cute and happy as ever!

kxyfan: WHEW! That took a while to copy and paste the questions with the answers! As for the question about Kirsten having a facebook account, here is her answer to that:

To everyone: I have no real Facebook account. I suggest that if anyone has added “Kirsten Prout” on Facebook, they remove “her” immediately. I absolutely hate being impersonated, so if you could report them, that would be wonderful!


This note finds me buried in preparations for final exams! I would absolutely LOVE to read those letters, tell everyone I am so sorry for my delays. I have been trying to balance work and unfortunately haven't been on top of my Q&A game! Send them however you like, I'm used to lengthy e-mails these days with all the madness I call my life right now!

I just signed the lease for my very first apartment, so that is exciting! I'm trying to fit in auditioning as well, and prepare for my upcoming finals. It's a good busy right now, and I'm very content with how everything is going.

I promise that I will be on top of my game in no time, I just need a bit of time. Tell everyone I feel so sheepish about my sluggish answers!

Much love,



 First of all, to everyone who sent me beautiful letters of thanks, I appreciate your support and kindness so much. Your feedback inspires me to continue forward and continue on my path. Your letters brought tears to my eyes, thank you so much for being along for the Kyle XY ride. I have learned that fans are absolutely the most wonderful part of my career, and becoming connected with so many of you has an experience beyond words. I can’t believe how a television show can really bring people together. This entire arrangement would never have been possible without Karen, and I extend my warmest wishes and gratitude to her and the whole community.

I look forward to hearing more questions, thank you so much for your support.

I Love John Ritter:
How long does it usually take to film one scene on a good day?

When did you and the rest of the cast get to see the episodes in their entirety? Did you get to seem them before they aired? Whether or not you did, do you watch them when they air on television (maybe not since you live in Canada)?

I Love John Ritter: That depends dramatically on the type of scene, whether it has stunts, how many actors are written into it, whether they are saying their lines correctly, and how it is shot… on a good day, for an average scene, it probably takes a few hours. We get to see the completed, full episodes when you do, we see bits and pieces beforehand but not in its entirety. I always tried to catch the episodes out of interest, to see how they came together. I generally don’t mind watching myself but I become more critical when I have people sitting next to me. I’m not too critical in that I become embarassed, I just like to see my work at its best.

yuthegreat: How about How did it feel that you finally got to hit someone in the show. Finally Amanda is allowed to defend herself from the jerks...

yuthegreat: When I read that I definitely celebrated… even though it was a small stunt, it was still a solid knock to Nate, and I miss playing a tough character dearly! Amanda needed to actually fight back, and I’m glad she got the chance.

jpoeling: How many takes did the scene where you hit the character Nate (don't know the actors name)? By the way I really liked that whole scene, it was really fun to watch.

jpoeling: Not many. I had done stunts before and I had the movement required already. All we needed to do was shoot it! Thanks, it was a fun scene to do!

xosaraxxxo: Adding to your comment, iljr, when you were thrown to the ground by Nate, how did they shoot that? Did he actually push you and you just fell on a mat, or was it all real or fake?
Also, are there every any really awkward scenes to shoot? What are some of them that you remember?
I know that you have told a few funny stories from shooting, are there anoy others that you can share?
Do other cast members ever come in and watch a scene be shot or when you are not shooting do you go and hang in your trailer?
Because you were not the main, main character did you have to come in all the time or every week, or were there times where you did not have to be there but some other people did?
For shooting, do you have a schedule about what you are going to get done and work until it is done, or do you have more of a time when you start and finish and do as much inbetween?

xosaraxxxo: Falls are usually done with a mat. It is shot in segments and all put together. You fall of screen, and do another shot roughly finishing the fall while still on the ground. Awkward scenes… things weren’t awkward by the end of the show because we’d all worked with each other for so long. I can’t recall any uncomfortable scenes. As for funny stories, there were so many moments that were hilarious but it’s hard to point out ones worthy of a story. During the scene in the Rack, when Amanda is talking about a Dirty Dancing theme and says “nobody puts baby in a corner,” the director kept asking me to do a Patrick Swayze impression. After about 5 takes of sounding like a bad drag queen (and the whole set cracking up) the producers suggested I just use my regular voice. I was trying to take direction, but it was HUMILIATING to speak like a man doing a cheesy line. Yes, we all watch scenes for a while on our downtime, and also spend time in each other’s trailers. My schedule usually worked out so that I had 3 or 4 days each week, and the scenes are not shot chronologically so we sometimes had days off when everyone else worked. When we have a schedule for the day, we always try and meet it. It’s extremely important to get everything done on time.


Canajun_eh: I was wondering if a sequel to Elektra is a possibility? The ending was very good (I'm a happy ending kinda guy) but it really left it open to another movie.

"Will I see you again?

We'll find each other".


 I promise to watch it at the theater and at least 10 more times on DVD LOL! And, please Kirsten, don't feel "sheepish about my sluggish answers", we know you're busy and we all love to read your answers whenever you have time to send them. Thanks, Kirsten

Canajun_eh: It would be a dream come true if Elektra had a sequel! I loved my character, and the possibility of another installment would be fantastic. As an actor, you really develop a relationship with a character, and I miss Abby’s feisty attitude. Thanks for watching Elektra, it was one of the greatest experiences to film. And you don’t know what a time freak I am! Today, I was late for an audition and it almost drove me nuts. I do apologize for my lengthy delays! And also, where in Canada are you from Canajun_eh?

yuthegreat: Congrats on getting your own place.

I was rewatching old epis. Then I remembered someone commenting that it was kind of out of character for Amanda because it appeared she was the one chasing Kyle. I mean it seemed that Amanda was the one who initiated their displays of affection. Even at the beginning of the series even though she was with Charlie Tanner at the time. I would like to hear your thoughts...

yuthegreat: Thanks so much, the apartment is fantastic! I will actually send Karen some pictures when I get around to it… it’s absolutely adorable!

I agree that at times Amanda’s character was directed to be a little more forward than would be expected. Yet, as an actor, I chalked that down to Amanda’s nervousness and inexperience. I know when I first started dating, sometimes I would feel unsure what was appropriate or “cool.” A kiss that was a little off in timing, holding a hand at a strange moment, saying things just because you don’t know the perfect time. It gets easier when you realize you need to relax and as you mature. I suppose when young people put pressure on themselves sometimes they can seem overeager. I guess it was just how Amanda handled things, and it must be remembered that in her mind, a lot was at stake. She just wanted to get close to someone who meant so much to her, and for everything to be perfect.

red.rose: Would you ever want to play an evil character? I have a hard time imagining you in that role.If the right role came along would you want to do that?
I would love to see you in another action role since you seem to enjoy it so much (you were terrific in Elektra!).

Any chance of that happening again?

Good luck in your studies, hopefully we will see you soon in another show/movie. BTW how will you manage to do both?

red.rose: I would love to play an evil character, and believe it or not, good characters are usually more challenging for me. I enjoy adding that darkness and cultivating a character’s back story.

The moment I got an offer for an action role, I would say YES so fast my head would spin. I absolutely love the challenge.

I have my summer off, so I got back yesterday and had my first in person audition of the summer. I really nailed it, so keep your fingers crossed!

asprin: Given a chance, will you get back to playing cricket and what were you good at; Batting, Bowling or Fielding?

asprin: I played Cricket because I loved my coach. He was a retired university professor who taught my high school philosophy and classical civilization class. He really opened my mind to theoretical reading and non-fiction, and I owe him so much for it. He really has a passion for critical thought, and we still keep in touch. To be honest, the reason I played Cricket is that we had an eclectic team of interesting people who were very bright and very dynamic. I enjoyed the experience partly for the sport, but mostly for our ragtag team of philosophy, classical civilization, and Latin students. We weren’t the best in the league (understatement) but we could give lectures on Socrates and Thomas Aquinas any day. I was great at fielding (good hand-eye coordination?) but sometimes, when my coach knew I had an audition or a busy week of work, he would pull me off the field after seeing the ball come too close to my face. Our joke was always that he didn’t want ABC Family to chase him down!

xosaraxxxo: Are you still in touch with the cast members from Kyle XY?
When there was a new character on the show, did they just fit right in or did it take a little time for everyone to warmup to them? Did you ever pull pranks on the new people?
Did anyone on the set ever pull pranks on each other? If so what is one that happened to you or another cast member?
Was it awkward doing romantic scenes between Kyle and Amanda with Matt because of the huge age difference?
Thanks for doing this Kirsten!
I'm sorry I have a couple more questions that I forgot about if you don't mind.
You can call me perverted but on E the other night they had backstage stuff of a show and they said that to practice with chemistry they had two actors that were doing a kissing scene practiced kissing each other in a room alone before they shot the scene. Did you and Matt ever have to practice a kissing scene on your own before you shot it in front of the camera?
Also, everyone has commented that Matt looks like a dead fish when they zoom in on you kissing each other. Some say that it was because of the awkwardness of the age difference between you two that came out during the kisses but others say that the directors told him to look like a bad kisser since it is goody Kyle. Which if either is true? Did the directors ever critique kissing scenes and instruct you to do it differently? Did they tell you for how long to kiss or was that up to you to decide? And what all of us girls want to know, was Matt a good kisser?

Lastly, you keep on answering so do you have any more behind the scene stories you could share? Maybe a couple?

Have you ever had to wear the princess crown before? If so what for? Who had to wear it the most? What was the funniest reason why someone had to wear it? Did you all still do that throughout the third season?

xosaraxxxo: The cast was always very accepting, and anyone who came onto the show was welcomed with open arms, and, of course, fair game for our usual antics.

When Jaimie first came on the show, she let it slip she was TERRIFIED of mice. A few days later, she walked into a trailer filled with mouse traps and little stuffed mice all over the room. Quite a welcome! But she took it extremely well, Jaimie is a good sport.

I never noticed the age difference because we are actors and we live the characters. It’s not Matt, it’s Kyle. And in the film industry, you need to be prepared for anything and have an open mind.

No, we never did that.

There was no awkwardness on my part, and I can’t speak for Matt. I wasn’t involved in the private conversation between him and the director, so I can’t say what he was going for. Scenes with kissing are choreographed carefully for angles and the amount of softness or passion is adjusted by the director. It really is quite impersonal and not reflective of actor’s personal style.

I had a close brush with the princess crown, but managed to talk my way out of it. So no, I have never been bestowed the crown. Jaimie probably ended up wearing it the most, with Matt a close second. Jean-Luc probably had the funniest reason. His father and a friend had unscrewed his trailer TV, (to play x-box I think) and unfortunately they broke it. Jean-Luc got blamed and he “blamed” the two culprits, even though I knew what actually happened. Nobody believed him and he was given the princess crown for busting up a TV. He was framed!


SandyP: 1) If the series were picked up by another network, would you consider returning to your role as Amanda?
2) Would you consider making a Kyle movie?
3) If you were to reprise the Amanda role, what changes if any would you make to the character and how would you like to see the love triangle which we were left with, resolved?

SandyP: I would definitely consider it. Who knows what the future holds! As for any Kyle-related projects, like I said, anything can happen! I think Amanda could show some strength and darkness… maybe even pick up some martial arts and become one of the bad guys for a bit. Ultimately, Amanda’s purity would always shine through, but to see her undergo some exciting changes would be very rewarding. In terms of the love triangle… I would always root for Kyle and Amanda! I think the tension should have been heightened and the stakes raised.

Dear Kirsten:

1) The most recent photos of you that I have seen are beautiful, both in terms of style and maturity. Do you find it easy to do photoshoots, or do you get a little self-conscious, considering posing for a photograph is not quite the same as acting in front of a movie camera because for a photo it all rests in 'the shot' instead of a series of them?

2) What is your absolute favourite medium as a consumer: film, television, theatre, radio or the written word?

3a) Who has been your biggest influence in terms of learning the craft of acting, i.e., who has given you that one amazing piece of advice or shown you that special 'something' that completely inspired you and caused a major 'clicking into place' for you?

3b) What was that piece of advice or special 'something'?

BohoDuchess: Thank you so much! Photoshoots are so much fun for me. I have always been comfortable with different poses and enjoy exploring new angles and looks. To be completely honest, all the publicity photographs of me tended to look a bit “hard” and unflattering because the show was so fixated on not making me look too old.

 When I am free to have my own “look” I tend to come across a lot softer. Plus, I’m growing up of course!
Film inspires me ultimately, yet literature inspires film, and wit inspires literature. I suppose the wit and ingenuity required in writing is absolutely integral to meaningful films. At the end of the day, I am a huge fan of movies, but deeply revere the written word.

The director of Elektra, Rob Bowman, absolutely shaped who I am as an actress today. His way with actors is absolutely inspiring. Rob is a combination of creativity, gentleness, emotion, discipline, and ultimate passion. It was an honor working with him. He taught me that simplicity and subtlety is the key to capturing an audience’s heart.

Dear Kirsten,

1) Looking back on the three seasons of Kyle XY, where there any characters you wish you had had more scenes with ? For example, meeting separately with Foss, etc.

2) I am a graduate of Loyola University of Chicago, which mandated a minuimum study or classes in Theology and Philosophy. Are there are philosophers or theologians you have studied in your schools you find relevant in your work ?

Great job on Kyle XY by the way. Best wishes in your career !

Archdude: Jaimie and I had great chemistry, and she’s a brilliant actress. I think we played very well off one another, and I enjoyed every scene we did together. So probably Jaimie.

Well, Jung and Joseph Campbell are two thinkers who lay the foundation of archetypes and mythological patterns. These concepts often tie directly into my work. I am deeply interested in them, along with other (probably controversial) contemporary writers.

Thank you for your support and your wonderful questions!

This is from Canajun_eh. You had asked him what part of Canada he lived in:

"I live in Toronto, Kirsten. And I have to admit that since you said that you might be in TO for auditions or filming, I've been taking second looks at any gorgeous young blondes passing by (looking nervously over my shoulder to see if my wife is around LOL). Never did that before (well, maybe a few times), but I sure wouldn't want to pass you in the street without saying hello. And I wouldn't mind having a time freak in my family. My wife and one of my daughters are always late and it drives me nuts too."

Canajun_eh : Well if we ever bumped into each other on the street, all you have to say is your screen name and I would know exactly who you were! And yes… time freaks do come in handy, but it’s a terrible mix when you’re around people who have the “when the universe feels like taking me there attitude.” Believe me, I have had many fights with a friend of mine who simply cannot be on time!

Kxyfan: 1) Does Jean-Luc attend the same university as you? If so, do you see or talk to him very often? We would love to hear from him here at
2) Are you going to be working all summer or are you going to get to go on another great vacation with your family?
3) Can you tell us anything about the photoshoot that produced those beautiful pictures of you that are on your myspace page?

Kxyfan: Jean-Luc opted to focus on his career and not attend university. While I don’t speak with him as often as I used to, we still stay in touch. He’s working hard on publicity and looking for a project. To tell you the truth, the industry is dead. Film actors are taking TV roles, and TV actors are taking movies of the week. It’s very hard but these periods (I’ve been around for a while and seen our darkest days) always are for the best. It determines who is truly dedicated to succeeding in the industry because they love the craft.

I’m hoping to balance things out. I’m looking to do a project and perhaps visit Bermuda. We’ll see what happens, since the industry is so volatile right now and one never knows.

The photographer and I wished to portray a soft sophistication that was not excessively sexual yet strayed from Amanda’s conservative image. The shoot portrays femininity with an edginess that opens me up to the roles I am now competing for.

Thanks for all the questions. As soon as a new project comes my way, I would be more than happy to share the details with the family.




kxyfan & singingxoxo: Here is Kirsten's response to my asking her to check out

If anyone could put me on contact with the lovely creator of that fan site, I would love to thank her! I really do enjoy interacting with Karen and we have gotten quite close… I trust her with our correspondence entirely. Any way I could keep interacting with you guys would make me so happy. Once again, I thank Karen for opening our lines of communication!


kxyfan: I think Kirsten is involved with a project now but not sure. She said she would let us know the details as soon as she could. I wanted to clear it with Kirsten before I posted the details. Here is what she said:

I had some time to relax before shooting Meteor Storm (my new project, not on IMDB yet). We are a week into shooting and I am so excited to be working with such a talented cast. I play the daughter of Invasion and 24’s Carri Matchett and Battlestar Galactica’s Michael Trucco. It’s so much fun to work on, and such a wonderful thing to be back on a set again. I also have two co-stars who are my age (Travis Nelson and Brett Dier) so we have been having an amazing time! I actually get to have a bit of action and ran into a few of my old stunt friends so that was fantastic! Eric Johnson is also working on the project, so we have quite an experienced an eclectic cast. It’s my third time working with the director so that also makes for a comfortable set. I’m having a blast!

kxyfan: I asked her where the movie would be shown and she said:

I'm not sure what network it will be on... it could be released as a movie or on television, it all depends how the producers etc... sell it!

hipeoples302: 1. What got you interested in acting? Were you always interested in it as a kid?
2. While filming Kyle XY, who was your favorite person to film a scene with?
3. are there any personality traits that Amanda has that you share as well?
4. are there any situations or feelings that you can relate to her in a way?

hipeoples302: I had a love for Disney movies and overactive imagination… I suppose a childlike impulse to pretend first got me interested and my love for film and television matured from there! There is no way I could ever pick a favourite on Kyle XY! Impossible question! Amanda and I are very different in a lot of ways, but our trust in others has led the both of us to heartbreak at times. I could always relate to Amanda… she was a very innocent girl who was trying to find her place and happiness. I think deep down we all have that desire to be loved and to be respected.

yuthegreat: You mentioned you like TV and movies. Which ones do you like now? What Genres do you like to watch?
Are you in the upcoming movie the Science of Cool. I try to look it up and it is said you were rumored in that one I am just looking for confirmation and any teasers you liked to share.

yuthegreat: I have an absolute obsession with So You Think You Can Dance, and love Bones, Dexter, Arrested Development, Summer Heights High, Seinfeld, among others.
I am not currently involved with Science of Cool and have no further plans to sign on to the project.

Europa: Kirsten, you're probably laying out your new apartment. What interior decorating style do you like (furniture, colours, wall pictures/canvas...) ?
Also, do you have favorite stores or places to find decoration stuff ?

Europa: My roommate and I have gone with a sophisticated dark wood theme, and our black accents stand out against the beautiful soft tan and white walls. Our accent photos are all of beautiful Parisian street corners, and we have chosen soft leather couches in front of the fireplace. My room has a distinctly Zen feel, with a simple design of black and white with Asiatic accents. As for décor, I like to combine bargain finds from Winners with boutique pieces bought from the small individually owned stores in Downtown Montreal.

NYCSciFiFan: How can aspiring actors/actresses get experience and be noticed if they don't live near a major film center? (Vancouver, NYC, LA, etc.)

NYCSciFiFan: To completely honest, in a lot of cases, the way they get noticed is by moving to those areas. If I wasn't established in Vancouver already, I would stand zero chance going to school in Montreal.

BohoDuchess: Kirsten, I am very curious as to what kind of dramatic situation in a script really fires up your acting furnace?

BohoDuchess: When I read about devastation, I am absolutely sucked in. Be it in an action movie, a period based romantic drama, or a dark comedy, I thrive on tortured characters.


Sorry for the late replies! Hope everyone is doing well and taking it easy, my summer has been hectic but very fun! Mostly enjoying the lovely Vancouver weather, enjoying my new pastime of boxing, (so much fun!) and catching up with friends. I must say, Amanda made me slack in the martial arts/self defense department. I’m hoping to join kickboxing when I get back to Montreal, and am getting back into fighting machine mode. All the running up and down stairwells, jumping fences, leaping from explosions, and dodging debris on Meteor reminded me just how fun action can be! Oh, and I’m also learning how to become a better cook! My mother is the best teacher and so far I haven’t burned down the house!

Tibby XY: Here's my question for Kirsten,, What's it like playing the part of Amanda as Kyle's girlfriend? They make such a cute couple as for the characters. Will Amanda stay with kyle or will Jessie try to break them up?

Sorry. I have been missing season 3 So I'm clueless on what's happening.

Tibby XY: Of course, playing Amanda was always a pleasure. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to bring Kyle and Amanda’s relationship to life. As for the rest, you’ll just have to watch!

Canajun_eh: Kirsten, I was wondering if you read what critics say about your work? I'm not so sure I would. I often read what some "expert" says about something I've seen and I think "Was he watching the same movie? Maybe he's on crack?" Oh...I reread this and don't take this the wrong way!! I think there was one guy who didn't like Amanda and he was the one on crack. What I meant was if they were writing about ME, it would be hard to take..all bad! You know what I mean.

And, of course, we all want to know more about your movie. Got any good spoilers for us? I had to try!

I had an idea that it would be great to have another Bionic Angel phone in later on, after your movie is out. Somehow last time only Karen got to know about it in time? How did she do that anyway? With lots of advance notice, I know lots of us would love to call in and chat with you.

The forum has been a little quiet as the reality of life without more Amanda (and Kyle) sinks in, people are in a bit of a gunk, so if questions slow down a bit, don't worry, we're just wallowing! Our "Answers from Kirsten" interview thread has more than 500 views already and over 13,000 views on Karen's original "A Message from Kirsten" thread!!

You said somewhere that when you were starting out you were always asking your mom when you could see the movie you made and it took forever. I'm sure we're all going to be just like that about Meteor Storm! Is it ready yet, LOL??

Canajun_eh: It feels like a personal insult when someone insults your character, but such is the nature of the beast. I like to know a general consensus but essentially, I always stand behind my performance and feel I was truthful to what I was given on the show. Even producers can be tough critics and make life on set challenging at times, but my job is to rise above pressure an enjoy what I’m doing. I try to take constructive criticism, and shut out those who simply strive to make my job harder.

Meteor was an AMAZING experience! For the first time in my life, I worked with people MY age! Additionally, Michael Trucco is such a seasoned pro, and Battlestar is one of my favorites, so it was an honor to work with him. I also had worked with the director, Tibor, early in my career so it was fantastic to come full circle like that. It was a very tight knit cast because we had such a hectic shooting schedule, which is always a pleasure. And good try with the spoilers, but I’m turning over a new leaf of secrecy! :P And the moment anyone wants to get me on that show again, I’ll be there!

Yes, it’s always frustrating to wait for the metaphoric baby that is a movie to be born. You put so much time into it, and you wait for that day when it pops up on IMDB as completed, and just bide your time until the finished product is ready. Of course, when I do ADR for it, I’ll have a first look at it!

Europa: Will you be spending the whole summer working on the movie?

Europa: My summer is now all about relaxing and hoping for another offer. I’ve gone for a bunch of auditions, so as of now, it is yet another waiting game. There is one saying that pretty much sums up the entire film industry. “Hurry up and wait!”



I have a wonderful announcement! I landed the role of Miranda in a miniseries Seven Deadly Sins, and we start shooting later this month in Victoria, British Columbia.


I am the main cast along with 5 other young people my age, and it’s an extremely interesting and dramatic project. I also have another job that is incredibly exciting but unfortunately I can’t talk about it at this time. All I can say is that it is an honour to be involved in the project. Meteor Storm is still in post production and I’m not sure when it will be playing, but I’m also thrilled to see the end product.

I’m going to try and eliminate some of the fake accounts of Myspace because they have been driving me crazy lately, and am hoping to try and create an official, site supported page as well as my own website. I’m also planning on doing some photoshoots in the near future so keep an eye out!

Thanks everyone, I’ll keep you updated!


Archdude: The two other questions I had were:
Did you have a chance to meet and talk with Ally Sheedy during the end of Season 2?
In the last part of Season 3, there seemed to be an ethical concern generated from the writing about other clones being created by Latnok. Did the cast ever discuss the ethics or morality of cloning or stem cell research, among yourselves or with the writers or producers?

The reason I asked was; Kyle XY was one of the most intelligent shows I have ever seen; it dealt with a lot of intelligent issues concerning the impact of science on a person's life, as well as relationships, etc. Lastly, it's suttle sense of humor in many way's was appreciated by older fans like me.

Archdude: Yes, I spoke to Ally quite a bit, she’s a lovely woman. It was an absolute pleasure getting to know her.

As for deeply ethical conversations, there weren’t too many on the set. I was very interested in it myself, and got a great perspective from my father, who is a neurologist and understands the issue in greater depth than most people. Kyle XY did ask questions, and often left them open ended for viewers to think about. That’s the great thing about TV shows, they can be used to spark a dialogue.

hipeoples302: Which actors and/or actresses do you admire most or would like to work with in the future?

hipeoples302: Johnny Depp seems to have it all together. He has a wonderful family, his privacy, realistic opinions and values, and a tremendous amount of talent. He transforms himself for every role. Also, I am an absolute nut for the show True Blood (I’m hooked) and would do anything to be on the show or work with any members of the cast.

hipeoples302: When doing the table read for the show, do the actors just read off the lines or do they actually get into it and "act" when saying the lines?

hipeoples302: We “got into” the lines to a certain extent. Sometimes everyone started bawling during emotional scenes, and sometimes we laughed at lines that sounded dirty or overdramatic. It all depends. The point of a table read is to give the writers an idea of what everything actually sounds like coming from us, so we try and keep it as serious as possible. However, during one table read where everyone got the giggles, we got a warning talk to “keep it more PG.”

Tibby XY: Here's some questions. What was your favorite book that made you think about the possiblities of other realities? What other books that you read helped you think about the various topics in Kyle XY? Such as alternative science and the unexplained?

In season 1 of Kyle XY. Episode 4 Diving In. I heard on the commentary Matt was moved into tears when he watched the piano scene. For the first time. Amanda played the Kyle/Amanda theme. How did you feel when you were in that scene? How did it touch you? It was very emotional. ''I admit, it made me cry!'' It was very powerful. How did you both fell after that? very moving like whole series is. That's what I love the most about this show. Great performance by the way.

Tibby XY: I’ve read a great variety of philosophers and heard perspectives from wise professors and mentors, and in the end, I feel that we must deal with the world in which we live and the reality that animates our everyday lives. Philosophy is extremely important because it asks questions, something that makes us uniquely human. If we did not question anything, we would never progress. Yes, I think it’s important to pose shocking questions and challenge the mind with alternative existential possibilities, but I also believe in questioning those possibilities. Compassion and the ability to see things from another’s perspective are two traits that I strive to incorporate into my thinking.

Every time I hear that song I melt into tears as well. When I watched that scene I was crying too. Kyle and Amanda’s connection will always have a very deep meaning for me, there’s a part of me that experienced it and will always understand it.

Europa: Tibby's question makes me think of another one (I can't remember having read anything about that) : were you playing the piano for real in the show?

Europa: I played piano when I was younger, but we used a hand double on set who was classically trained and tremendously talented.




xosaraxxxo:  I was watching some of the old Kymanda scenes the other day and I remember the tub much i miss kyle and amanda. Anyways, did they have to tell you guys how to sit in the tub, cause i noticed that you were like on you side and his legs were like over yous and stuff.

[CENTER][IMG][/IMG][/CENTER] Also, was it awkard sitting ina tub with a shirtless guy thts like 6 or 8 or something years older than you?  lastly, was the tub really comfortable? haha!  

xosaraxxxo: we found our own body positions for that scene, and Matt and I were never awkward. Age is all a relative thing. When I was younger, yes, that age difference was substantial, but regardless, we're actors and we place ourselves outside of reality and are professional. Age differences are part of the industry, and we don't really take much time to dwell on them.

KJ's Dad: Here's a (hopefully) new question if you're still collecting them:

Since Season 3 Episode 1 picks up immediately after Season 2 ended, were any of those Season 3 scenes shot at the same time as the Season 2 finale (for continuity reasons) or was everything carefully packed away, and then unpacked months later when shooting for Season 3 began?

KJ's Dad: we carefully picked up where we left off !

Europa: I recently saw some underwater behind the scene pictures, apparently from Season 1 episode "Diving In" when Kyle dreams he's kissing Amanda under the water.

 Can you tell us how special that scene was to play and the main difficulties you had on the set ?

Europa: my goodness, we attached fishing line weights to my dress so it wouldn't float up, but consequently, it was extremely hard to swim in. Regardless, I loved shooting the scene because the end product is so magical!

Canajun_eh: Kirsten, do you have any photos that you could share with us, perhaps from some of your early works? We have quite a gallery of screen caps from many but none from The Wedding Dress or The Linda McCartney Story and few from Class Savage. Dutchgirl (a fan of yours from the Netherlands) is going to check out de Grot (IMDB says you were in it?). BTW, your performances in Mysterious Ways and Beyond Belief were delightful.

Canajun_eh: actually, the collection everyone has amassed is much more comprehensive than my collection! I'm always stealing from you! :P Thanks so much for the kind words, they mean a lot, my early career was an absolute blessing.

Thank you! I'll get to all of the questions soon!






kxyfan: Is it true you will play Lucy in Twilight Eclipse?

Kirsten: It's true!!!!

kxyfan: We are all very excited for you!

Kirsten: Thanks so much! Busy day shooting today, I send my love! Xo



From Kirsten's interview on CHUD

David Oliver:  What would you like to say to your fans?

Kirsten: Well, I always keep in very close contact with fans through and I’m always talking to them. But I really just feel so lucky to have a wonderful group of people supporting me. And I feel so honored to have the kind of people who e-mail me and write and send me so much love. I’m so appreciative of that. So a message to my fans: Thank you.




Archdude:  In the episode Between the Rack & A Hard Place ( Season 2, ep18) Kyle, Josh and Amanda are smeared with bits of fruit and juice after the mixer explodes. The expressions on all of you are priceless.
Do you remember how many takes it took to get this right, and did you and your fellow cast members enjoy the "comedy" part of the show?

In the episode Hello (Season 2, ep 22) I noticed a message of support of Kyle XY by the city of Vancouver. In part of the episode, Sarah and Jessi are walking and talking in the park, and a building has a lit "K" in the background.

My question is: did you and your fellow cast mates feel supported by the City of Vancouver and the people? Do you remember any people going out of their way to make the cast welcome ?

What is your favorite English Literature author or poet you have or are studying in University?

Archdude: I was covered in fruit all day! It took us so many takes because we were all laughing, it was such a fun scene to film!

Vancouver is one of the most supportive cities to film in! Instead of being strict, the city is just proud to be making films and television shows that show off the lush and beautiful landscape!

I am a huge John Donne buff... His work is absolutely fascinating and his story remarkable.

All the best and happy new year,


Hey everyone!

I feel an update is long overdue! I made the move to Los Angeles, underwent the process of getting my working papers, (lots of governmental hoops…) worked on my first American project of which I was the lead, shot that movie, got a new little puppy Stella, and am now being considered by multiple projects and waiting for an answer about what's next!
The film I shot was an independent movie titled "Locked Away." I play a young girl who finds out she is pregnant, only to be manipulated by a disturbed guidance counselor (picture Kathy Bates in Misery if she worked with expectant mothers!) and consequently abducted. The role was extremely satisfying as an actor and I feel so privileged to have been afforded the opportunity to be the lead role of a project.
My little baby Stella is such a sweetheart! She's a Yorkie Maltese cross (a Morkie) and is only 3 months old. We are still undergoing some growing pains – teething, housebreaking, all the fun stuff – but she is absolutely wonderful. (I have attached a picture)


life has been so hectic. Los Angeles pilot season was definitely a different experience, and having three auditions in a day was like cramming for an exam every night! I'm so happy that I moved down though, I now am eligible to book American shows like True Blood, CSI, Bones, and all the rest because I am a member of SAG now and am completely legal, so keep your eyes peeled! I am negotiating with films at the moment, and there are some really exciting projects that may pan out so keep your eyes peeled!
I am also planning to make the convention circuit to meet some of you guys and travel for Eclipse press… as of now, it looks like I'll be in England for October (final confirmation hasn't been given yet) and I might be close to some of you within the next few months so pop by to say hi! I'll give everyone a heads up as the dates and locations roll in.

That's all for now, I'll keep everyone posted. Now for some questions:

hipeoples302: When you do an emotional scene, do you put yourself in that place throughout the day? do emotional scenes ever seem to have, in a way, an effect in your life?

hipeoples302: I feel it's the opposite – it's therapeutic. If I do a scene that is extremely intense and emotional, I feel levity for the rest of the day. It is a release of all the negativity you may have been carrying, wiping the slate clean. That's why I often laugh a little after a really good take of bawling my eyes out! Weird, I know!

JoSweet: I have a question.I keep hearing the paparazzi messing up your name is it frustrating when they pronounce your name wrong? and have you ever told them that it wasent your name?

JoSweet: My whole life, people have mispronounced my name. You kind of get used to it. Even people I've known for a year will sometimes slip up and say "Keer-sten" versus the way I pronounce it, "Curse-ten." I joke that you just have to remember it's ten curses to know me.

Canajun_eh: Will we be seeing pictures of you as Lucy in Eclipse before the premiere? You have stated that you like TrueBlood. Would you ever audition for a role on the show?

Canajun_eh: No way, Eclipse is intensely top secret, and they only strategically release pictures. There's absolutely no way they would, I very much doubt it. The only footage I've seen is while I was doing ADR!

And I would audition for True Blood in a snap, but every actress in Hollywood feels the same way so we're all just waiting for a part that works!

Adriana: Hi Kirsten, here is a Brazilian fan! you know Brazil? Wants to know?

Adriana: Thanks Adriana, I've always wanted to visit Brazil and hope to in the near future.

faaiz1982: My question is
Is the character (Amanda) of asymptotic her real?

faaiz1982: I'm not quite sure what you're asking – I think the translator you are using has converted your question incorrectly.

hipeoples302: Which episode/script surprised you the most when first reading it? Which was most emotional?

hipeoples302: I was most surprised when I read about Jesse XX entering the picture! And the most emotional was the cafeteria scene with Charlie. I had to be humiliated and vulnerable emotionally in front of a room of extras and a very unfocused set, so I was concentrating intently and also putting myself in Amanda's shoes and feeling betrayed. It was intense to say the least!



lloyd_88: Will you ever come to Italy? I know it's impossible for the likes of me to know you, but I'll really like at least to see you in person. I think i had requested something hard and nearly-impossible again eh? By the way thank you for acting, i think your eyes tell really more of words so continue like this!
Hoping you well, Lloyd_88

lloyd_88: I’m always trying to find a chance to go to Italy – hopefully a convention will be in Italy and it would be a pleasure for me to visit and say hello to Italian fans! Thank you so much for your kindness and support.

Q: Who is the best actor/actress you’ve worked with?

A: It’s very hard to say who my favorite actor has been to work with. I have made lifelong friends working on sets and so it’s very different to single out one person.

It’s always fun to work with people around my age, but always enlightening to work with more veteran actors.

Q: What is your favorite ice cream?

A: My favorite ice cream flavor is Ben and Jerry’s half baked.

Q: I know you said you like all kinds of music but is there any song or artist that you prefer? I read somewhere you like “Girl In The War - Josh Ritter”. Have you ever listened to other songs by Josh Ritter?

A: I’ve seen Josh Ritter live – he opened for the Swell Season and I think he’s a wonderful artist. I love concerts, attending them is one of my favorite things to do.

Q: Will you ever come back to Italy?

A: I can’t emphasize how much I love Italy. My heart is always there.

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