Kirsten Prout

 Kirsten (Prout) Zien was born in Vancouver, Canada on September 28th, 1990. Meeting with success at an early age, she worked locally in Vancouver, guest-starring on shows such as First Wave (1998), Stargate SG-1 (1997), Cold Squad (1998) and The Dead Zone (2002). Her first sizable break in film came in 2005, when she landed the part of "Abby Miller", a young martial arts prodigy, alongside Jennifer Garner, in Elektra (2005). Kirsten performed her own stunts and utilized her martial arts training for the film, then went on to play the demure "Amanda Bloom" on the ABC Family television series, Kyle XY (2006). After the show finished its successful three seasons, Kirsten attended McGill University as an English Literature major. She was then immediately cast in Summit's The Twilight Saga: Eclipse(2010), becoming a part of the hugely successful Twilight Saga. Shortly thereafter, she starred as the troubled "Alex Bell" in parts two and three of MTV's horror trilogy, My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 2 (2010) and My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 3 (2012), and portrayed the lovable "Char Chamberlin" on ABC Family's teen drama, The Lying Game (2011). Her most recent work was on the Hallmark movie The Christmas Train in 2017. Kirsten has both a solid history in the industry as well as a promising future in both film and television.



The Christmas Train-----character: Julie-----TV movie

Woman of the House----character: Sarah-----TV movie

Dear White People-----character: Emily-------TV series-----two episodes


Untitled Movie filmed in Malaysia 

Even Lambs Have Teeth------Feature Film; horror

Wrong Girl aka Fatal Friends-----TV movie; drama


My Life As A Dead Girl-----character: Chelsea-----TV movie; drama

Joy Ride 3: End of the road-----character: Jewel McCaul-----Movie; horror

Captured-----character: Nicole-----Movie; horror


Social Nightmare???-character: Cat???-TV movie; drama

Psych???-character: Zola???-TV series

Devious Maids???-character: Allison???-TV series

No Clue???-character: Reese???Movie; comedy


NCIS  Lydia Wade TV 

My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 2  Alex Bell  TV


The Lying Game: Charlotte Chamberlain TV 


The Lying Game: Charlotte Chamberlain  TV pilot

My Super Psycho Sweet16: Part 2  Alex Bell  TV

Maternal Obsession aka Locked Away:  Taylin   TV

The Twilight Saga Eclipse:  Lucy

Starlight  The Framework    Music Video

Meteor Storm: Kara    TV

Seven Deadly Sins: Miranda   TV miniseries


Kyle XY:Amanda Bloom          10 episodes (43 episodes from 2006-2009)


Class Savage: Julye  

Kyle XY: Amanda Bloom         13 episodes    


Tell Me No Lies: Samantha Cooper         Lifetime TV movie

Kyle XY: Amanda Bloom       10 episodes


Kyle XY: Amanda Bloom     10 episodes


Cold Squad: Ashley                  Episodes "The Filth part 1" and "And the Fury part 2" 

Elektra: Abby Miller               

                  Hot Buttered Movie Special: Elektra

                  HBO First Look: The Making of Elektra


The Love Crimes of Gilligan Guess: Amanda Guess        


Stargate SG-1:Nesa             Episode "Birthright"


The Dead Zone: Susan Reed                    Episode "Here There Be Monsters"

Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction: Katie           Episode "Shared Vision"

Jeramiah: Elayne                 Episode "The Touch"


Twice Upon a Christmas: Brittany Morgan                 ABC Family TV movie

                                               *sequel to "Once Upon a Christmas"*

The Wedding Dress: Stella Carver                 

Night Visions: Wendy             Episode "Still Life"

De Grot: Julie       

Mondstorm: Young Tracy Wellman           

Mysterious Ways: Lyndsay Casper               Episode "Wonderful"


Once Upon a Christmas: Brittany Morgan           ABC Family TV movie

First Wave: Emily                      Episode "Wednesday's Child"

The Linda McArtney Story: eight year old Stella           


Transalta commercial

The Laramie Project (Theatre)


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