Here are links to some wonderful interviews with Kirsten!

Karine Augur (editor in chief of Teen People and StarlightMagazinesinterviews Kirsten

The original interview above is in French but Karine was kind enough to translate it for those who don't speak French. You can follow Karine on Twitter at: Karine Augur on Twitter Here's the English version

Kirsten talks with eguide-online (a German site) August 2009

Portraitmagazine Interview July 2010

Inspire Magazine interview July 23 2010

The BionicAngels audio interview on BlogTalk Radio with Kirsten Prout April 30, 2009

Kirsten is interviewed by buddyTV An audio interview with transcript June 25, 2007

Seventeen Magazine interview 2006

An interview with buzzfocus Kirsten talks about Kyle XY                  February 4, 2008

Kirsten talks with TheStarScoop on June 30th, 2006

Teen Hollywood talks with Kirsten about Elektra November 4, 2004

Daemon' s TV 2008/02/03 interview Kirsten about Kyle XY

Kidz World interview with Kirsten

TV Guide talks with Kirsten about Kyle XY Jun 18, 2007

As you may know, in the past, Kirsten communicated with a woman named Karen, kxyfan, from the forums. Fans were able to ask Kirsten questions and Karen emailed them to Kirsten who in return, responded to them. Below are two links. The first one is where you can go to see the original posts of questions to Kirsten and the second is all of her answers combined so you can read them easily.  Kirsten is no longer able to take questions from fans but there is nearly two years worth of questions  and answers in these threads.  There are lots of interesting facts in the questions and answers for Kirsten's fans.  Check them here:

 A message from Kirsten


 Answers from Kirsten                                                                     

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